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Mind Connections Specialist Health Service

Mind Connections Specialist Health Service.

Our Specialist Services

“Your treatment is unique based on your strengths. Our specialists assist you realising your potential and strengths during therapy sessions.” 

Input from a Multidisciplinary team optimise your person centred, recovery journey. 

Psychiatric, Geriatric, and other Specialist Health Services Sydney

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Health Services


Specialist mental health, Geriatric and other Medical Specialist care

“Our specialists have professional training, expertise and experience in the chosen field. They have mastered every aspect of their speciality. At Mind Connections service is personalised to your age and background. We access, diagnose and treat you so you are empowered to look after yourself and learn how to lead a happy and healthy life.”

– Specialist Team at Mind Connections

Our Philosophy

Physical or Mental illnesses do not discriminate according to age, sex, race or status. Untreated and undiagnosed illnesses may come with a great personal cost. Seeking help early prevents devastating consequences for the person, families, friends and loved ones.

Our philosophy is based on understanding you as an individual by:

  • Getting to know you as a person to understand how you feel emotionally 
  • Mapping out your thought processes 
  • Discussing your relationships 
  • Laying out your perceptions of the world 
  • Educating you and your loved ones about the illness  

Understanding you as a person helps us:

  • Arrive at a Diagnosis 
  • Explain why you are experiencing certain emotions, pains and sufferings 
  • Suggest a treatment plan conducive to your needs. 

Mind Connections provide team-based care with a professional group of specialists. Our team consists of psychiatrists, Medical specialists, Clinical and general psychologists provide best possible specialist services to any age group anywhere in Australia. 

Meet the Team

Bellow is a preview of some of the experienced private psychiatrist and therapist in Sydney that we can connect you with today. Visit our team page to view the whole team.

Dr Padmini Howpage

Dr Padmini Howpage


Psychiatrist and Psycho-geriatrician (Dr Howpage speaks Sinhalese)
Dr Jaspreet Singh

Dr Jaspreet Singh


Consultant Psychiatrist (Dr Singh speaks Hindi and Panjabi)
Dr Sajeeva Jayalath

Dr Sajeeva Jayalath


Consultant Psychiatrist (Dr Jayalath speaks Sinhaleese)
Mr. Robert Craig

Mr. Robert Craig


Registered Psychologist

Our Social Responsibility

Pawsitive Steps Towards Mental Health

Every year a spirited group of volunteers dedicate their time with the idea of improving physical and mental wellbeing of the individuals and the community.

Western Sydney University

Our Commitment to Medical Graduate Training with Western Sydney University

Mind Connections Foundation Limited

Improving the mental health and wellbeing of communities by promoting awareness and evidence-based research.