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I am a GP

Referring to Mind Connections Specialist Health service is a positive experience to you and your patients. We accept your referrals via fax, Argus, email. You may also give a copy to your patient.

What makes Mind Connections Specialist Health Services a different experience to you and your patients?

  1. Our specialists advise and encourage patients to see you for pathology, x-rays, blood tests and other services. Our specialists write feedback letters in order to guide you about investigations.
  2. Sending the feedback letters to you is a priority for our specialists and usually letters are done within two to three days. Our specialists take pride in upskilling primary care sector and sharing care with you.
  3. We are committed towards patient’s recovery journey becoming a positive experience. We have created healing and welcoming atmosphere equipped with modern facilities. From the first contact of your patient our dedicated staff and committed clinicians make sure that patients having high satisfaction rates about our services.
  4. You may have patients across all ages such as children & adolescent, young & middle age, old-age, or you may have patients needing specialised group therapy such as REACH, Schema based therapy, CBT, EMDR therapy. Our specialist professionals can deliver services according to the specific need, concern and specific diagnosis, not “one size fits all” therapy.   

Referring to a Psychiatrist

  • You can refer your patients to any of our psychiatrists. Some psychiatrists may have a more extended waiting period mainly because they work part time. However, we understand that some patients are in need of urgent appointments. That’s where our trained staff make a difference. They will assist you and your patient to have an appointment early with one of our psychiatrists who suits their need.
  • If you wish to look after your patient and needs one off psychiatric assessment, diagnosis and a management plan please request Medicare item 291 service on your referral letter. Usually, the psychiatrist completes the assessment within 1 – 3 sessions depending on the complexity involved. Specialists will write a detailed 12 months management plan, so you are fully equipped to manage patient’s needs over a timeline.  

Referring to a Geriatrician

  • You may have patients who need input regarding old age specific issues and getting old with existing issues. There is a need to address capacity for driving, financial management, health care and accommodation. There are legal issues such as will and power of attorney with impairing cognitive ability.
  • Our geriatricians and psychiatrists specialised in old age and psychologists work individually and together making sure that elderly patients are treated with deserved dignity.

Referring to a Psychologist

  • Initial referral to psychologist always needs a mental health care plan accompanied by a letter addressed to the psychologist.
  • Our psychologists will provide you with a report at the end of six treatment sessions.
  • Some patients need further sessions. Our psychologists will outline reasons and ask you for a re-referral to continue further sessions. 

Referring to Telehealth

  • Our specialists do provide telehealth services to more than 40 regional and rural town of NSW, Victoria and Queensland.
  • If you are a country GP with patients living in RA2 or above under ASGS Remoteness Area 2011 map of Doctor Locator, you can refer them for Medicare-funded (bulk billed) specialist consultation.
  • If you are visiting patients living in residential aged care facilities (RACF), you can refer them for Medicare-funded (bulk billed) specialist consultations. Throughout Australia patients living in RACF are eligible for Medicare-funded (bulk billed) specialist consultations.
  • We encourage patients living in Metropolitan areas to seek telehealth consultations as it saves driving time, waiting time and hazels with parking. These consultations are privately billed, and your patient is eligible for a Medicare rebate.

Referring a patient behalf of a 3rd party

  • You may care patients in variety of settings and may have patients managed by a third parties. These patients may come from
  • Australian defence personal
  • Compensation – Patients under Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) or Work cover
  • Requests by solicitors for patients facing civil and criminal matters.

All these patients require pre-approval of fees to see a specialist. In certain instances, we may request pre-payments before the appointment with our specialists. Our fees are governed by the industry standards and we use fee structure recommended by the Australian Medical Association.

In addition to consultations 3rd party payers may request reports. Generally, reports are charged on hourly basis.