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Mind Connections Foundation

Mind Connections Foundation Limited
ACNC Registered Charity

Mind Connections Foundation

Reg. No. 67643116134
ABN No. 67643116134 
Established in 31/07/2020
Registered with ATO as a DGR (Deductable Gift Recipient)


To improve the mental health and wellbeing of communities by promoting awareness and evidence-based research.


The Mind Connections Foundation will

  1. Organise and enhance community awareness programmes designed to remove stigma attached to mental illness and promote early help-seeking behaviour
  2. Support school and university students, and interested community members with academic and community service backgrounds to engage in locally relevant, evidence-based research to improve service delivery.
  3. Promote a career in Psychiatry amongst medical students and recent medical graduates.
  4. Promote research an scholastic programs through tertiary institutions

About the Mind Connections Foundation (MCF)

The Mind Connections Foundation was established in August 2020 with the purpose of improving mental health and wellbeing of the community through awareness programs and research. In line with the mission, the MCF will actively promote mental health through research activities in Western Sydney University’s (WSU) MD curriculum. Mind Connections Specialist Health Services supports MCF as an in-kind and financial donor.

The Foundation’s activities are supported by the generous contributions of our donors and benefactors. Mind Connections Specialist Health Services supports some of the operational costs including an annual mental health award to medical student at WSU, administrative support, and office facilities.

The Foundation is currently actively expanding the range of activities it supports. Please talk with us about forming new partnerships, projects and grants programs.

Advisory board

The MCF is overseen by a Board of Directors which act as a senior advisory committee towards the Foundation’s work. They are responsible for the implementation of the Foundation’s strategic goals, including the promotion of scholarship, annual mental health award to second year medical students at WSU, and the continuation of research work with WSU.

The inaugural members of the MCF’s Director Board:

  • Dr Padmini Howpage MBBS, FRANZCP
  • Dr Daya Howpage PhD, MBA
  • Dr Jaspreet Singh MBBS, FRANZCP
  • Dr Raiz Ismail MBBS, DPM, FRANZCP
  • Mr Robert Craig MA, Dip Ed, MAPS
  • Mr Gabriel Wong MEd, MPsych (Coun), MACE, MAPS, MCCLINP

Tax deductible status in Australia

Gifts and donations to the Foundation are an allowable income tax deduction in Australia. Receipts will be provided for all donations made.

Partners, Supporters and Donors

We are looking for genuine organisations and donors to MCF to fulfill its mission.

Contact us

Address: Suite 115, 10 Norbrik Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153
Phone +61288831173
Fax +61288831107
Email. d.howpage@mentalhealthspecialists.com.au
ABN 67643116134 

The Mind Connections Foundation is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.


  • Pawsitive Steps Mind Doggy and Spirit annual festival
  • Community information seminars that address mental health issues for adults, parents, and school children.
  • Western Sydney University MD research program for 4th year medical students.
  • Western Sydney University Mind Connections annual mental health award for 2nd year medical student.
  • No Place for Violence, Harmony program
Pawsitive Steps Towards Mental Health
  • Pawsitive steps Mind Doggy and Spirit Festival
    Mind Connections Foundation auspices future Pawsitive events. Pawsitive Steps is unique because it involves man’s best friend, our pet dogs. Pets help to break down barriers and teach us to develop positive bonds and relationships. It is a fun filled day that includes walks with our pets and other exercises organised by health and fitness professionals. This holistic approach reinforces the concept of “Health Body, Healthy Mind”.

    It is also a day that family and friends, carers, individuals from many walks of life, service providers, government and non-government organisations and our pet dogs, all join forces to support those suffering from mental illness. These health service providers and organisations have stalls on the day offering help, education and advice. There are even stalls and events for your pet dogs’ entertainment and wellbeing.

    The family atmosphere and bonding through our pets create a relaxed, non-stigmatizing environment where we can openly talk about mental health issues.
  • Community information seminars related mental health issues for adults, parents, and school children
    Mind Connections Foundation will conduct six information sessions related to common mental health topics such as parenting skills, adolescent mental, and drug and alcohol issues or any topics that are of importance at the time.
Western Sydney University
  • Western Sydney University (WSU) 4th year medical students Community Research program

    Research Group, Fourth Year Medical Students Western Sydney University

    2021 Research Group, Fourth Year Medical Students Western Sydney University

    Fourth year medical students work on an evidence-based research project to understand mental health issues in a locally relevant context with particular focus on demographics and age groups. Ultimately, this will facilitate better understanding of barriers to care, and effective primary and secondary preventative measures.

  • MCF’s annual mental health award for the 2nd year medical student at WSU
Award winner year 2018
Award winner year 2018
Award winner’s artwork year 2019
Award winner’s artwork year 2019

This award for second year medical students enrolled at WSU was designed to highlight the importance of mental health and wellbeing amongst future doctors. Every year, we hear news about young doctors ending their own lives. The demands of clinical work, post-graduate education and training must be balanced with life outside of medicine and is relevant to all health professionals, particularly young doctors. We have created this annual award in the view to create the awareness, encourage them to take control of their lives and to seek help and to look after their fellow doctors.

Mindful Coco by Dr Padmini Howpage